5 Fun and Productive Activities You Can Do While Stuck at Home!

Like yoga, or workout routine, for example. The other four? Read this article to find out!

COVID-19 sure sucks, right? You can’t really go anywhere and do anything as freely as you want for your sake and for everyone else’s, especially when it comes to work and self-improvement or even just having fun. Don’t you feel constricted when you can’t really go outside and do things you want to do, like going outside, hanging out with friends in a café, playing together, just doing things that are…touch-y? Yeah, not particularly great times for that. Well, we’re here to give you guys and gals some tips on what you can do while stuck at home from COVID-19, all in the comfort of your own home and online, too!

1. Learn a new skill

This one should be simple. With the quarantine looming within us, that means a lot more time for you to improve on yourself, and one of the easiest you can improve yourself? Learn a new skill! Whether it be something simple like maybe knowing how to cook a spaghetti carbonara, or something a little more challenging and worth it like learning how to program in C++, it all is worth it in these times. Who knows, you can come out of the quarantine with a much more diverse skill set for your next job, or even for freelancing purposes!

And if you need places on where you can learn these new skills, you can hop over to some of these places, like Coursera where you can learn new skills that are university level, like social sciences or humanities in an easy course, Skillshare where you have even more options of new skills to learn, ranging from entry-level technology stuff to advanced-level creative arts, Desain Grafis Indonesia if you want to know how to design your websites well, or even Epicurious if you just want to know how to cook good!

2. Set up a workout routine

Let’s face it, quarantine gives us a good reason to not go out, and not going out means more time to just stay at home, which means perfect time for us to just not do anything, which means…pigging out! Snacking, not doing exercise, just watching Netflix all day, play games…the list goes on, and all of this means you probably weigh and feel a lot heavier or lazier than usual before COVID-19. How do you not fall into this trap? Just set a workout routine. Many websites can help you do it, but the most important thing is to know exactly what your workout routine is for, and to do so requires a few things:

· Prioritize the part of your body that requires workout

· Set the duration of the workout

· Set the type of routine you’re going to do

· Take a day off every workout day or so to rest those muscles

And that’s it! Have fun burning those calories!

3. Learn a new language

We’re in the global era, and in this global era wouldn’t it be nice to have some more international friends? Make friends from England, United States, Canada, or even better…Japan! Or Korea! Or India! So many countries out there with so many diverse cultures and languages, it would be a darn shame if in this quarantine times you just don’t make up for these times with…a new language to learn! Not only will you come out of it a new person with a new and cool language skill you’ve learned, but you’ve also opened yourself up to a whole new world of culture and diversity you’d never thought you knew before. So, what are you waiting for? Open up that Duolingo or Rosetta Stone and get fluent in other languages while we’re all stuck here in our houses.

4. Volunteer

So far in this article, we’re just touching on productive things you can do while stuck in quarantine, but why not go and help out people through volunteering instead? Get involved in charity organizations and events that lends their hand to help out those who are less privileged and less fortunate than you! The fact that you’re reading this article now clearly means that you’re more privileged than the other people you’re helping out to volunteer. Get in touch with UN Refugee Agency, Greenpeace, Indorelawan, or even UNICEF!

5. Stay in touch with friends and family

But the most important thing right now, though? Talk to your family and friends. If you’re like the majority of graduate students going through their new job right now, you’re probably not with you parents anymore, and you’re probably living alone in a boarding house, or an apartment. And all that can make you feel like you’re in solitude, all by yourself and your work…so go and make a call for your mom, tell her how much you miss her and how you hope she’s fine, call up your dad and ask him if everything’s okay in the house and how he’s holding up, call up your siblings to annoy them as an older/younger sibling, and call up your friends and chat along or play games together until it’s 5 PM. Don’t ever forget, you’re never alone. You’re always with your family and with friends. Give them a good call or chat and let them know how important you are to them~

Written by: Callasyah Erwinanda (Copywriter at Apiary Coworking Space)