Power of Manifestation: How to Transform Your Goals into Reality

Look at this person, jumping happily. That’s because she’s reading these SCIENCE-backed tips!

You’ve read the title, right? Let’s get down to the brass tacks here. I might not be an inspiring or motivating person, but I can give you tips and tricks on:

How to Transform Your Goals into Reality According to Science in 15 Ways!

In this section, I will divide the 15 steps of transforming your goals into reality in 5 different subsections: Value, Time, Reward, Self-care, and Social.


1. Find what makes you tick

This one is simple. Think of things that make you feel…just right.
Things that make you feel passionate, ready to conquer the world.
Things that still make you get energized after eating like 3 packets of
Indomie Jumbo all at once. Whatever it is, research shows that having a strong sense of “why” behind your goals increases the probability of achieving those goals.

2. Find goals consistent with your values

When you figure out the kind of values you find to be your purpose in life, that’s when you chose several goals for each value. Like if you’re creative, you might want to enroll in a theatre group, try writing a spec script, or just read books that inspire you to do better.

3. Don’t get too attached to your own pursuit

Remember, don’t get all hooked up in your own pursuit of completing your goals. Sometimes you might not be able to complete them, and that’s fine. Maybe in the mornings you’ve tried to exercise 30 minutes with sit-ups or a quick jog, but if you feel tired doing that in only a few minutes, and that happens all the time, then it’s okay to throw in the towel and just try something else that’s just as healthy in the morning. The key to success is being flexible to your goals.


4. Monitor your progress

As it unsurprisingly turns out, monitoring your progress is one of the most useful things you can do when trying to accomplish something. This can be aided in many ways, like an app for example. And the more often you log the behaviours you want to change, the more it’ll actually change. And try writing down perceived obstacles when you know your behaviour stays the same. Record any feelings you have and anything else that might have gotten in the way of doing your desired behaviour, whether you’re stressed, anxious, or just sad.

5. Chill out and take it easy

You don’t have to change every single behaviour you have as soon as you can. Just try changing one and plan it accordingly on you’ll engage in it, whether today or this week. Think about the people who promised themselves to get thinner so then they start doing all these big exercises and do it with such energy and vigour, and then whoops, they all fell apart and they go back to their old fattening ways. So, don’t be like that. Just do stuff like taking the stairs at work, take a walk every few mornings or so. Do things that makes you feel better, not things that you force yourself to feel better. That way, you get that sweet taste of victory, small as it is, a sense of self-efficacy, and more likely to continue pursuing your goal, which also means your progress in that part will can generalize to others.

6. Maybe actually sleep well?

Numerous studies show that your willpower suffers when you don’t sleep enough or don’t sleep well. You can probably recall the last time you were exhausted after a particularly bad night, when it was really hard to resist the temptation of office doughnuts or online shopping. Besides sleep, activities that promote rest include spending time in nature, relaxation exercises and mindfulness meditation. So, allow yourself enough time to rest and sleep. That, in turn, will help you achieve your goals.


7. Find goals that make you feel rewarded

In picking your goals, get ones that you want to do the most and makes you feel rewarded. If you’re trying to get better in martial arts, but you’re not someone who’s into kicking stuff, get into martial arts that emphasizes punching, like Karate or Jeet Kune Do and such. Or you’re maybe in love with coffee. Make sure you have a steady supply of your favourite coffee beans and portable cups to get your own brewed coffee ready instead of drinking the processed ones.

8. Make your own rewards if you don’t feel rewarded enough

Maybe when you try to accomplish your goals, you feel less motivated because there’s really nothing rewarding that you can tangibly see. In cases like these, just make your own reward! When you’re done dieting for the whole day, treat yourself by watching your favourite YouTuber saying how they’re burnout of content making, or maybe go to your nearest Starbucks after completing a big jog, and drink up some of that chocolate coffee (whether or not it affects you badly is another manner entirely).

9. Learn to be grateful

Now, maybe saying to an adult person that they should be grateful feels like something patronizing, but research does show that being grateful for things large and small gives you energy and motivation in your pursuit of self-improvement. Those who take their time at the beginning or end of each day to remind themselves what they are fighting for are more likely to experience positive thoughts and feelings and keep going in their pursuit of what they want to do.


10. Don’t chase for pure perfection, but don’t also fall into pure failure.

Lots of people tend to think that if they can’t do things pitch perfect as according to plan, they just go “This is bad I suck I shouldn’t have done this”, which is obviously not how you should approach most things. Sometimes, you just have to realize that a little bit done is good enough. If you’re playing a video game, sometimes you can’t reach a level because the game’s too hard or you’re not up to it. And that’s fine. You’ll always need a break so you can find it easier to commit to your goals again.

11. Relapsing is okay, but don’t beat yourself up over it.

Speaking of not getting stuck in either extremes, sometimes getting stuck in the negative extreme can result in you falling off the wagon and return to your bad habits. It’s completely fine if you fell back to your worst behaviours again. We are imperfect as humans, and therefore still prone to setbacks. What’s important is that you shouldn’t beat yourself up over it, and get yourself back on the swing of things tomorrow, or next week. Behavioural science suggests that self-care is a more effective way to achieve success.

12. Change your environment to make it easy on yourself

One common thread you see of people who knows how to self-control and fulfilled their goals is that they are really good in one thing: manipulating the daily environment so that they won’t get tempted to relapse into their worse behaviours, which means it’s very convenient for them to make healthy choices, which means it’s easier for them to reach their goals.


13. Have friends or group that has the same goal as you

This is going to be a very “no duh” realization, but having friends is one of the best things you can use in achieving your goals, especially if they’re pursuing similar goals as you. Having friends support and go alongside you can really help.

14. Look up to your role models

Aside from having friends in general, role models and just generally people you look up to are very helpful in succeeding with your valued goals. If you want to be a pro gamer, join gaming clubs or find mentors who can teach you more about it. Learn from and get inspired by them. Who knows, they might even be your best pals forever!

15. Serve as a teacher or mentor

Or maybe you’re not someone who looks up or be taught by someone else. You’re the one doing that. Which, in that case, it’s also a great way to success. If, say, you’re the only person in your workplace/community who has an interest in crocheting, but no one else seems to be into it/knows anything about it, why not be the teacher and lead the charge? You’ll be surprised how it all works out.

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Written by: Callasyah Erwinanda (Copywriter of Apiary Coworking Space)



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