Top F&B Trends in Jakarta During Quarantine

Who has cravings for new food in the quarantine period? I know you do, we do too. From assorted kinds of savoury treats to sweet cravings, we would scroll through Instagram to find what to order next for weekend. Especially during this pandemic, who’s not craving?

We find it interesting that most of these businesses start during the stay-at-home period. So here’s a list of the top 10 F&B trends on Instagram that started during quarantine in Jakarta (Instagram handles included, you can thank us later).


  1. Cookies by @_coldbutter

It started with an idea to bake cookies appropriate to the founder’s taste, since she can’t find one in Bekasi, where she lives. It took two months of research, watching a lot of Youtube videos, and trial & errors to find the perfect recipe. She was nervous at first if anyone wanted to buy her cookies with a price she thought was “expensive”, but it went beyond her expectations when demands kept increasing.

Pictured above is the founder’s personal favourite flavour: double chocolate cookies (Dark chocolate and salty taste).

2. Milkbuns by @madmilk.jkt & @bakebymife

Started by a 19-year-old baker experimenting on pastry products, she came to her own creation of soft & chewy milk bun. They have come a long way from their first delivery on 27 April 2020 with only 8 slots / day to 100 slots / day now.

Another store that sell milk buns out of love & hobby of baking bread is @bakebymife. With the idea coming from a bakery that sell delicious, fluffy, and chewy milk toasts from Ginza, Japan, the founder was encouraged by friends and family to start a business. Customers kept repeating orders from the day they opened, hearing so many positive reviews about them. The founder’s personal favourite is the Ube milk loaf, pictured above.

3. Tiramisu by @tiramisuproject

@tiramisuproject was started after the founder’s last day in office for nearly 2 years working next to her husband. Wanting to start her own business that she has passsion in, she started making a business plan on an excel sheet for the tiramisu project, which now became her brand.

4. Panna Cotta by @creamypan_

Panna Cottas are trending in many forms — there’s even one in tea flavour! Other than assorted Pannacottas, the founders also sell a special variety of Banana Melt Pudding.

5. Salmon Mentai by

Watching a Youtube channel of someone eating Salmon Mentai, the founder started craving them to the point of scrolling through restaurant deliveries at the start of the pandemic. She noticed the ever-growing demand for home cooked F&B businesses despite COVID-19. With the help from her father to develop the Mentai sauce, they were able to start their business in the pandemic. They are confident in serving Jakartans with the best Salmon Mentai. Pictured above is the original Salmon Kani Mentai, a personal favourite to the founder.

6. Garlic Cheese Bun by

Started in November 2019, Super Furry had their first store at Neo Soho, West Jakarta. It specializes in bread toasts, buns and various fruit-flavoured teas. They had the idea to sell the buns in March 2020 for the launch of their second store in April 2020. As Covid-19 happened, they halted the production of their second store and launched the product on Instagram instead.

7. Almond Milk by @yourdaily.indonesia

The founder of Your Daily is very interested in healthy yet tasty foods, one of them being Almond Milk, but she hasn’t tried any that is suitable to her preference. She then created a recipe for her family to try and decided to sell it just around the neighbourhood. Then, by luck! Her product became more known through word of mouth, as people are interested in living healthily during the pandemic and with the trend of almond milk increasing.

8. Oat Milk by

Being a Food Science & Tech major, also a barista gave one of the founder an advantage in creating the perfect concoction to the brand. Pictured above is their first shot in pasteurized homemade oat milk. Through research, they thought of creating a line for oat-related products, but then found out that Oat Milk is very popular in the market, especially for moms who needed a supply boost to breastmilk.

9. Dimsum by @dimsumbydind

The founder has a HUGE love for dimsum, shaomai (siomay) and cheese. She thought of combining the 3 ingredients into mentai dimsum using mayonnaise for the sauce. Successfully experimenting with making her own homemade cheese sauce and dimsum, she sent testers to friends and family. Now that the brand is established, her motivation is to see that every success comes with a process.

10. Siomay by @siomayde

Siomay De was started by the founder’s mom and aunt, as shaomai (siomay) has been the family’s favourite for years. Currently during this pandemic, as the business is still new, they’re sending testers to collect reviews from their customers, wanting it to be reflected into the business as a whole.


You might be asking this question: They started relatively new, there is no possible way that they could grow their businesses so fast. Well, the answer is the market for small businesses with assured hygienic packaging during the pandemic is relatively high. With more businesses closed due to Covid-19, there are more chances that small F&Bs can stand a chance in the market.

Here are top 4 tips from the founders above:

  1. Listen to customers. When your business starts to grow, you should definitely listen to your customers, as they are the ones tasting your product. Listen to what the customers want and need. If it’s not up to par, listen to them, improve your product to make it a better quality.
  2. Quality of Product. Most business owners care more about how they market their product, by forgetting on maintaining the quality of the product, it is why most businesses fail. Maintaining the product quality is harder than starting the business, so make sure you schedule a routine check on product’s quality.
  3. Taking calculated risks. During this pandemic, no one really knows what the future is going to be. It is either a hit or miss. Listening to customer’s feedback, tweaking the recipe, it’s making some kind of risk for success. By taking risks and using the resources available at the time, if you are passionate about it, believe that everything will work out in its time.
  4. Marketing. Some people either spend too much or too little in marketing, making the product either too sellable with bad quality or vice versa. Also, make use of all social media channels that you currently have; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, even Tiktok. If all else fails, the word of mouth technique can also work in the digital age, which helps with growing your business.


  1. Research the Market. Make your products unique! As told by the stories of the businesses above, they researched the market of the food that they are trying to sell. Don’t copy and paste the products you are trying to sell from your competitors. People will easily know the difference. If you still want to make your products sellable, try diving deep online to find other inspirations to make your product more unique.
  2. Have Passion in F&B. If you don’t have passion in the field, then why should people buy the products you sell? People know when you are not into it 100%. So make sure you are doing it because you are passionate about it, not just copying your friends in making their own small businesses.
  3. Be Confident with the Products you Sell. The strength to start a business is easier if you are confident in the products you are selling. It is because you believe in the products you are selling, you are taking a chance to connect with people through food, you are taking the chance to find your hidden talent in selling products, and you are taking the time to be creative with your products. If you believe in the products you are selling, then it will sell by themselves.
  4. Start Now. Why not? Don’t be scared to start your business. Your product could be interesting. Why don’t you give it a shot?

We support those who are planning to start a business, hence we launched a Business Starter Pack, consisting of company establishment service, branding & marketing service, and routine business coaching. For more information: or visit our Instagram profile.

Written by: Kenisha Widya (Social Media Team of Apiary Coworking Space)



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