What Gen-Z Expects From Working With You

You should be fearing Generation Z. They are ready to take on the world.

It has come to our attention that Generation Z (or “Gen-Z” or “Zoomers”, if you may) are the most advanced tech-savvy people ready to go to the workforce. They may be young, but they are a lot more different than the generation before them, especially with all the changes that are happening in technology, culture and politics, as well as the surge of information right on their fingertips. This article is a call towards established companies to be prepared for the new generation taking over in this new decade, and of course, Gen-Z on how they will perceive their impending work life.


Gen-Z is the only generation that grew up on the rise of technological consumption. That meant this is the generation that never knew a world without the internet, which makes them keen on the rise of technology. You would see them quickly using their online social media to communicate with each other, do their own independent research, and look up information easily from their fingertips.

Research about Gen-Z from the Economist has stated that this generation is more educated, however, stressed than ever before. This would be the downside of growing up in the rise of technological consumption, due to how information quickly spread online. There are so many misleading things on the internet, as well as depressing facts about the world they have come to know at such a young age, which made them more self-aware about the world around them. This makes Gen-Z all the more wary and vocal about information spread online (Hey! We’re looking at you Whatsapp Moms!). However, this is not a bad thing, as this generation really advocates healthy living styles, mentally and physically, and the community around them champion great causes they care about in the spectrum of mental health, sustainability, the environment and charity.


Due to growing up witnessing the working generation before them leads them to be accustomed to seeing adults around them hustling long nights and even weekends to do their jobs to pay off their debts and finance problems, especially with the ever-changing economy.

  • 77% of the generation expects to work harder than previous generations. With information that can be virtually provided and the rate of the changing world, it led them to believe that the job market is very competitive, having to see Millennials pursuing their goals with many failures. Most of Gen-Z was brought up to be all-rounded to be considered in the already competitive job market, which shows their competitive nature and hustle culture.
  • They expect a high salary by their first job. Having heard and been informed of the massive debt Millennials have to pay after graduating from university, Gen- Z strives to have financial security in their adult lives, leading to them searching up jobs which offer the most salary contradicting their nature to work with their passions.
  • Their expectation of job-oriented goals in 5 years after college. Most believe that they would be in the process in managing other employees, while others prefer the option of working their way up to be the leader of a corporate magnet or become entrepreneurs themselves, having the experience in the job market. This stems from the notion of the generation, believing they have what it takes to survive in the much more competitive job industry.
  • Expect to have career experience throughout an average of 4 different companies. Most of Gen-Z wants to forge their own career paths, seeking options from many established companies and organizations that suit their passionate goals in terms of income, comfort, safety and health. They have tried to find alternative ways to find fast ways to get an education to achieve their goal of life stability as fast as possible.

(This data is taken from a Ryan Jenkins article and industryweek.com)


  1. Updating Your Technology

This serves as a reminder to update your work software. You don’t want to be that office with outdated technology. You’re now dealing with a generation of people who have been integrating internet platforms in more than half of their daily lives, whether personally or professionally.

2. Communication Management

Make yourself available digitally, whether in a messaging application like WhatsApp or Slack or email. Gen-Z would love constructive feedback on their work, especially hands-on mentoring. However, 67% of them would only like them to be five minutes or less, so get your point across as quickly as possible.

3. Strong Community Building in The Workplace

Learning knowledge has no age. Start by listening and respecting what your younger peers are trying to say. Help them achieve that goal by checking in and conversing on them from time to time. Be as authentic and transparent as possible in your company. You can also try to build your workplace community by having an online presence to bring more people into your community.

4. Be Willing to Support a Cause

It is important to care about what’s around you, whether it is for social justice, mental health, equality and empowerment. Gen-Z definitely cares about it! They want to work with employers who share their values in life, as they see working as an extension of life.


At first, the workplace is really scary. The reason is that you don’t know a lot of people, and your supervisors and managers seem to be a lot higher up than you think. Sometimes they still do. It all depends on how you see them in your line of work. However, the expectations of your ‘perfect’ workplace are only met if you ask for them and learn about it in the process.

Sometimes, yes, you feel like you’re working harder than most people in the office, but you actually only do a small fraction of work that your higher-ups are doing! You are just about learning the ropes of your entry in the workforce, so there is still a lot you can learn from working your way through your first three months in the job. Your managers would give you feedback, while somehow it feels like taking a long time, it is actually very to the point towards the job that you are working on. As a generation, we should learn how to explain ourselves better to ask for relevant questions that we want to know to be a better employee. We got so used to being taught for so long that maybe we weren’t looking at the right questions to ask.

Most importantly, as long as you do your job in the time frame provided, you should be able to enjoy your work experience-the highs, the lows, the annoying and the pleasant. This would be an experience that could define your life or a stepping stone for your later career. So while at it, expand your interests and experiences that you like outside of your career.

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Written By: Kenisha Widya (Social Media Team of Apiary Coworking Space)