What It’s Really Like to Work from a Coworking Space

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Working from 9–5 can be quite a pain in the ass especially during this work-from-home situation. Some might find it peaceful, others are thriving, or maybe desperate to explore a new environment.

Coworking space is not something new ever since it was first founded in 2005. Though the industry kept shifting through fluctuating trends and market behaviours, just until recently, everyone suddenly started craving to experience what it’s like to work from a coworking space.

Most people who use coworking spaces are those in need of personal space but also an inspiration. Well, hard to get that working from your regular office workspace or cubicle setup no? So as leading to a conclusion of how unsurprised we are that the coworking trend just spiked up earlier this year. 88.6% of regular coworking space users also plan on returning post-pandemic (Source: Coworking Insights 2020).

Other than flexible schedule, less stress, and productivity boost, some are still wondering specifically what really is the turning point of someone choosing a coworking space other than their regular office or home?

We gathered feedback from our community & tenants to figure out what really made them stay and utilize coworking space until now. Let’s dive into their point of view here in Apiary.

1. More Personal Space

Working from home is excellent, you can do what you want, eat what you want and even wear what you want. But there is something about it that can be disadvantageous to your working experience.

Yup, it’s way too distracting. Imagine having an important meeting and one of your family members just has the urge to come in and out of your room while you’re at it, or someone suddenly shouting out “Lunchtime!!!”. Home is definitely the most comfortable place, yet that’s also the main reason why you can easily fall into an unproductive rut. You need more personal space dedicated to you and your work only.

Our tenants have the benefit to claim regular meeting room hours to use for important meetings, webinar sessions, shootings, and other personal agendas.

2. Non-stop Learning

After every event held, we always did a small mini-survey to check how our participants usually get their learning from. 37.4% say they learn best by doing, and 32.3% saying that e-learning & webinars also helped them.

2020 literally passed by in a snap, so it’s crucial to have a growth mindset as your 2021 resolution. Can you imagine going through another year not picking up any learning, skills, or experience?

Even during this pandemic, we still host routine weekly webinars, both soft-skill and hard-skill. We also host virtual community gatherings and entrepreneur networking sessions. Other recommended online learning platforms from us you can check aside coworking events: Coursera, Linkedin Learning, Google Skillshop, New Campus.

3. A Community Unlike Any Other

For years, coworking space has always been the birth of successful collaborations resulting from a community of like-minded professionals.

The best part of a coworking community is it literally consists of people working for different companies, industries, and backgrounds. But in the end, they have the same vision as you on why they work in a coworking space:

● I want to know what’s outside of the box

● Why do people think differently than I do?

● What would others think if I have this crazy idea of building a non-profit startup?

● I need someone to disagree with my ideas!

This is an ideal community you want to have, that drives growth from within. Most people even admit that they find their work more meaningful after being part of a community.

Building your network is one of the most important things to do when running (or starting) a business, right? But not just that, if you’re lucky, you also get to find meaningful friendships too.

4. All The Facilities You Need

Unlike a regular office and maybe your home, coworking space is equipped with many facilities to support you, your team, and your projects.

Meeting rooms are ready to use whenever your team needs more personal space for discussion. Then, the beverage bar is prepared for your snack time.

There are also personal lockers to keep your important belongings when you’re away for lunch or dinner. And, the most important one, full-speed WiFi.

You basically find everything you need for your work setting in a coworking space. All you need to do is simply bring your laptop.

5. Cost-saving and Maximum Productivity

Out of many other important reasons for choosing a coworking space instead of working elsewhere is: it’s cost-friendly!

Cut all the costs you usually spend working at a coffee shop, or maybe even building/renovating your own office. What do you get? A coworking space.

You really could use that precious time & budget to allocate to growing your business & team.

Thanks for reading! Care to venture more about Apiary’s service, community, events, and programs?

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Written by Nindya Ardyani (Copywriter at Apiary Coworking Space)